Jazzy Jet started out as a website providing valuable information about aircraft, aviation and other details related to the industry. After the site was launched in 2001, it has grown to be one of the most trusted aviation and aircraft trade platforms offering a wide array of products and services. Jazzy Jet is owned by Capt. John C. Smith, a seasoned veteran and a certified pilot who has worked for the military for years before finally setting up his own pilot school and eventually led to the creation of Jazzyjet.com.

As the demand for aircraft and aviation products and services continue to increase, Capt. Smith along with his business partners started out the website to provide the much need information that online users can read. Over the years, Jazzy Jet has expanded its business and network. To date, it is now a highly reputable aviation trade platform where buyers and sellers can meet. With the site’s extensive product listing, buyers interested to purchase aircrafts, components or parts and those who are in need of technical services will no longer have to search elsewhere as the site has almost everything you need.