Cessna Citation X – The Fastest Business Jet

Some Historical facts about Cessna Citation X

  • First announced was in 1990;
  • Created and began flight tests of the first prototype model in September 1993;
  • Serial production of the aircraft began in September 1994;
  • The aircraft received FAA certificate in May 1996;
  • The owner of the first Cessna Citation X was Arnold Palmer. He bought it in August 1996.


The fastest jet in the world – Cessna Citation X with its cruising speed, which is a little less than 1000 km /h, almost overcome the sound barrier.

By tracking all designs, engineering and technological researches and innovations in the field, the developers and the engineers of the company, continue to upgrade their offspring.

When you buy a Jet like this you receive the fully service of the company. Their site is very well organized and you will be reach all kind of information about the services and the new products, online. With the well-organized service and support network you will receive qualified support around the clock.

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